Multimedia Arts Festival 2014

Last Saturday, me & my BFF (Jaro, the other one) went to visit our SDA friends' exhibit at SMX Convention nearby Mall of Asia. I was actually caught loathing around twitter by my BFF & he phoned me to tag along with him to an art expo. Turns out that I knew about the event & I never knew that MultiMedia Arts Festival 2014 is having their last day during that time, so in a heartbeat - I went with him to pay Bjorn, Mav & Steffi a visit and show 'em my support. :D

The event was held inside Hall 001 of SMX & it was jam-packed with art installations & various exhibits presented by MMA students from DLSU-CSB. I never get to visit the last MMAFair as it was held in different places & it was a bit of a hassle. Fortunately for this year, all the exhibit were housed inside one venue!

First exhibit on the list was CONTINUUM where Bjorn Bedayo aka. Bjorn Manila's art installation can be seen alongside Carlo Alcala (and ofcourse more of the works of Team Continuum all over the area). CONTINUUM presented more on moving images & videos - WHICH I FANCY AT THE MOMENT. I love seeing still-like images and an alternative version of it displayed in motion. Most  videos are in endless loop (as referred to the name of their exhibit). I see that this kind of media will be the next level of photography. Remember "The Daily Prophet"? (ref. Harry Potter)

Next exhibit ont he line-up was RECESS. Their theme was la-la-la-love~ I'm diggin' the whole retro-pokedex vibe of their exhibit! They went all out with their Artists' Portfolio navigator, where you can freely play with a huge transparent touch-sensitive LED screen! Wow, just wow!

Another one of my favourite exhibitors is From The Ground Up & BALIKTAD. The two exhibit felt like they compliment each other XD but in terms of the illustrations, I think they kind of portray a whole different meaning to each other. BALIKTAD shows more on role-reversal. As for FTGU - I really don't get the whole gist of what they're trying to tell their audience. If someone would be kind enough to explain - feel free to comment! :)

And last but not the least of my personal favourite is Error 404 by as curated (& also lead by him) by Maverick Lacson. Ever since I saw bits of his work via Facebook - my creative juices overflowed! Haha! Never really seen something so distorted, warped & gnarled that I have appreciated ever since Pablo Picasso. For me, the whole exhibit was more of like Cubism in digital-age.

I highly appreciate artists who can create something so distracted into form of art. So two thumbs up to Error 404 for introducing us to your MASTERPIECE.

Other exhibits displayed were by Kalye Berde & The Vantage Point. TVP played around with angles perfectly! MERIDIEM & SURGE also did their best when it comes to contrast, and also used luminescent materials. :Db

Check out my walkumentary/footage at my Youtube Channel - do subscribe & or hit "Like"! :D

Hello Kitty Around The World + Mimobots

2 days ago, I received a call from an XEND delivery guy that I have a package that I need to receive - unfortunately I was out watching this new movie I fancy so much called Divergent. The movie was hella great, I would love to tell you guys more about how I enjoyed its storyline & plot compared to Hunger Games but this post is all about this kyot littol ketteh I adore more than anything else - Hello Kitty!

I was so giddy that I already had a hunch that the package that have arrived is my Hello Kitty Around The World gift set & I was right - first thing that I did when I came home was jumped around carrying a penny plain brown box that contained all the goodies sent by Hello Kitty Philippines.

You guys may be wondering how I ended up getting one of these together with all these HK lovers all around the Philippines, eh? A friend of mine contacted me for my address telling me that Hello Kitty has something in store from me - I gave my shipping address in a heartbeat (every HK fan would do so!) & waited patiently for that surprise Sanrio has for me. They were also in perfect timing as it was my birthday gift & I don't really receive plenty o gifts for my birthdee~ SO YAY! <3 A lot of bloggers who loves Hello Kitty have received their own care box as well & also celebrities! :D

Illustration inside the pages of the pink Hello Kitty 2014 planner for JULY 2014! So cute!


Pink Hello Kitty 2014 planner - which you can also get in SM stores upon purchasing Sanrio stuff for a price!

An cute medium-sized Hello Kitty plushy w/z love from Russia~ Perfect fro my alter-ego Ruslana Kornikova. <3

Mug coasters from New York & Paris! :D

Hello Kitty Around The World

Hello Kitty brings you closer to iconic sights from popular international destinations with new merchandise from Hello Kitty around the world!

Now, you don't even have to set a single foot outside the country to have a full globe-trotting experience as Hello Kitty brings you along with her as she travels to famous landmarks and cultural sights from all around the world with their new collection: Hello Kitty Around The World.

Cute and adorable merchandise will give you the distinct feeling of transporting away into a different country as Hello Kitty dresses up in various national costumes from European, American, and Asian destinations such as Paris, Italy, London, Japan, New York, Germany, etc. Plus, Hello Kitty visits popular tourism sights such as the Buckingham Palace in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the famous canals and gondolas in Venice, Italy, among others.

Avid collectors and fans of Sanrio are sure to have the time of their life as they can choose from a variety of items such as plush dolls, tumblers, mugs, stainless tumblers, bag tags, pins, refrigerator magnets, eco bags, and water bottles - all adorned with original Hello Kitty Around The World designs.

Hello Kitty Around The World: is a glimpse and illustrations of Hello Kitty's worldwide appeal by having Hello Kitty with her family & friends go to different scenic locations in London, New York, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Paris. This also shows how adaptable Hello Kitty is with any type of culture with her cute Globetrotter image that kids of all ages and in all parts of the world will loves and appreciate. To know more, follow Hello Kitty Philippines on Twitter and Instagram at @imHelloKittyPH

AND! It just doesn't stop there! Just yesterday I got my Hello Kitty mimobot USB from a friend of mine - shipped all the way from Florida! A big heaps of THANK YOU to Miki! :D

It's a 4GB mimobot to replace my old mimobot that I lost.

Isn't it KA-KA-KA-KAWAII~?

A birthday present for the little prince

Been out & about recently taking part in a lot of collaborations & mini-projects with other people to market myself & also to enhance my portfolio. I know 2014 is quite slow for me in terms of my photography - but nope, I'm not giving up! Not now that I have my own studio for personal use, I should at least be productive.

I was invited by Ronan Capili & his friend Jaws Bodestyne to document her youngin', Mio, 1st birthday celebration.

I felt at awe that they liked what I did on how I documented their family portraiture from our last shoot with Ronan. I was just literally going with the flow & feeling my blogger intuition that time. XD So I'm a bit surprised how they fancy how I executed the photo-ops I did. I'm thankful that they gave me another try as a photographer. I knew right then that I'm so going to like Mio's party favors & theme as I know that my client is very conceptual when it comes to design - so the moment I stepped inside Bonelli's restaurant (where the party was held), I couldn't stop from getting giddy inside as I'll be taking details inspired from my favourite book ever! THE ONLY BOOK I HAVE READ 5x FROM ITS FIRST PAGE TO THE VERY END - The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

So thrilled that it felt like I'm a year older once again - felt like it was my birthday party too! Haha! You guys know how ecstatic I get when it comes to the Little Prince *teary eyed* (NOTE: to my avid readers - no this is not about Zirjaye's blog named "The Little Prince" #chos!). I always see myself as a person who never grew up & see reality in a perspective of a child... 24/7, forever & ever like forever21~ <3

There were so many photos, as you can see. So I can only post my favourites from the bunch! People were also given some scrumptious patisserie to take home! I love their white-chocolate coated pretzels, btw, but I never get to take home one of those. I love how every detail in the party highlights the story of the little prince. I want to do more of these kind of birthday party - I just hope that it would be as cute & quirky as this one. XD

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