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Yesterday, me & my bestfriend went out for a quick trip to the National Museum of the Philippines. I was going to spend my whole day editing but since I am running out of inspiration, I have decided to come along for the sake of art. And luckily there are a few paintings which inspired me so I'm going to keep that in my sleeves as for now and let's see how well I'll be able to execute it int he near future!

Without further adieu, here's a very short walkumentary that I have made inside National Museum of the Philippines.

Disclaimer: I do not claim any rights nor asked any permission recording the footage inside the museum. This video is not sponsored.


Recently did a collaboration/project with my friends at #BCREW which I am now a part off! I'm very excited to announce & promote FOB & #BCREW's lovechild - Overdose featuring the members of A.Mi.Go+!

A.Mi.Go+ is a filipino dance group who performs kpop covers on KCons here in the Philippines. They'll be needing your votes in this competition for 2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival so please do register an account (it will only take you a minute or two! :D) & hit the LIKE button and also be sure to share 'em to your friends! They're one of the few kpop cover dance group representing my country so show 'em some love, okaaaay? :D

More on desserts; less on the diet

It's been awhile since our family had a decent lunch out. Today was my dad's birthday celebration & luckily I'm on vacation from work, I was able to come along with them & celebrate it! We first paid him a visit ofcourse & head to Saisaki for lunch. All my favourite japanese food were there - the last time I've been to a buffet was like way way back a few years ago! And I'm a person who you cannot tag along when it comes to a buffet since I settle on not getting myself another plate after another.

Today I made an exception, I preferred to skip my breakfast just so I'd be able to enjoy & leave the restaurant without regretting for what we have paid for (we all know buffets are quite expensive but worthy!).

I had a set of three meals for lunch, more on desserts though - I don't want to gain a lot of weight. At least tiny little cute & sweet desserts would be easier to loose compared to a heavy meal. XD

I love their katsu but it's not as better compared to my favorite katsu house, Yabu. But Saisaki now has a shredded coleslaw & that familiar sauce to come along with it - same taste with Yabu's! I had a lot of those so huzzah for veggies! Also had myself a few slices of turkey! YAY!

Multimedia Arts Festival 2014

Last Saturday, me & my BFF (Jaro, the other one) went to visit our SDA friends' exhibit at SMX Convention nearby Mall of Asia. I was actually caught loathing around twitter by my BFF & he phoned me to tag along with him to an art expo. Turns out that I knew about the event & I never knew that MultiMedia Arts Festival 2014 is having their last day during that time, so in a heartbeat - I went with him to pay Bjorn, Mav & Steffi a visit and show 'em my support. :D

The event was held inside Hall 001 of SMX & it was jam-packed with art installations & various exhibits presented by MMA students from DLSU-CSB. I never get to visit the last MMAFair as it was held in different places & it was a bit of a hassle. Fortunately for this year, all the exhibit were housed inside one venue!

First exhibit on the list was CONTINUUM where Bjorn Bedayo aka. Bjorn Manila's art installation can be seen alongside Carlo Alcala (and ofcourse more of the works of Team Continuum all over the area). CONTINUUM presented more on moving images & videos - WHICH I FANCY AT THE MOMENT. I love seeing still-like images and an alternative version of it displayed in motion. Most  videos are in endless loop (as referred to the name of their exhibit). I see that this kind of media will be the next level of photography. Remember "The Daily Prophet"? (ref. Harry Potter)

Next exhibit ont he line-up was RECESS. Their theme was la-la-la-love~ I'm diggin' the whole retro-pokedex vibe of their exhibit! They went all out with their Artists' Portfolio navigator, where you can freely play with a huge transparent touch-sensitive LED screen! Wow, just wow!

Another one of my favourite exhibitors is From The Ground Up & BALIKTAD. The two exhibit felt like they compliment each other XD but in terms of the illustrations, I think they kind of portray a whole different meaning to each other. BALIKTAD shows more on role-reversal. As for FTGU - I really don't get the whole gist of what they're trying to tell their audience. If someone would be kind enough to explain - feel free to comment! :)

And last but not the least of my personal favourite is Error 404 by as curated (& also lead by him) by Maverick Lacson. Ever since I saw bits of his work via Facebook - my creative juices overflowed! Haha! Never really seen something so distorted, warped & gnarled that I have appreciated ever since Pablo Picasso. For me, the whole exhibit was more of like Cubism in digital-age.

I highly appreciate artists who can create something so distracted into form of art. So two thumbs up to Error 404 for introducing us to your MASTERPIECE.

Other exhibits displayed were by Kalye Berde & The Vantage Point. TVP played around with angles perfectly! MERIDIEM & SURGE also did their best when it comes to contrast, and also used luminescent materials. :Db

Check out my walkumentary/footage at my Youtube Channel - do subscribe & or hit "Like"! :D

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