Night Time, My Time

For this week's collaboration, Kate & I focused more on a night time look. Honestly, we wanted to shoot this in the afternoon but I had to move around to finish my errands & also get myself a new haircut. I have decided to chop off my long hair in exchange for a medium-length haircut since the weather's not helping & it is just giving me more of a hobo/stressed look. Growing your hair long in the Philippine weather is not much of a really good idea - so after a long debate, I ended up with this.

I do not advice my readers (in the Philippines) to wear something made out of leather on a sunny afternoon. But if you're in to get cooked & deal with the heat then why not! Since December is just around the corner & nights are getting a wee bit colder - we now have a reason to sport a leather/leatherette jacket and experiment in layering.

I don't want to go all in with leather so instead of wearing a jacket, I decided to go with a vest & a plain white tee that I tie-dyed in pastel pink, aqua blue and purple. It's a little overexposed on the whites so you couldn't really see that my shirt's all tie-dyed - but check out the sleeves, it has hints of pink & purple!

I didn't want to over-accessorize so I paired off the vest with a golden chain necklace that I also got from Forever21 - it's a woman's accessory but sometimes guys can get away with it. Besides, an accessory is no gender-biased at all.

As for the hair, the quiff is still on trend for the 2014 - I think that 'Quiffs' would be on of those trends that;s going to stay on our heads for a couple of years or so. It is very trendy and it is one of the few hairstyles that does not require a lot of maintenance. You can push it back or go crazy like me - tease it to create it into a shape!

As for Ms. Kate the Tiangeholic she wore something inspired from Moschino's Ready-to-Wear Winter 2014. I'm in love with this coordination & it reminds me of Hamburglar! :D Which is seriously perfect for a night time look, just don't get caught!

Check out her blog - for more photos!

Watch out for our next collaboration update as we score a goal into fashion! :D

Shapes & Skyscrapers

Hey! Hey! It's been awhile since my last blog post & it felt like 1989! So I've decided to revive my blog, & give you a taste of what's to come next for 2015! Let me first say that I am now joining in the sea of style bloggers from the pacific ocean of the Philippines but I'm putting a twist on the usual - instead of marketing just myself, my blog & sponsors. I will be promoting aspiring style bloggers & collaborating with them each updates. I don't want to be known for myself, I want to be known for what I do & what I can do. So enough blabbing & let me go directly on my first project for Adventures of Jaro & Luckydot...

I'm currently collaborating with Kate the Tianggeholic, Kate Quiozon - style blogger by heart & an Architect for art. She's known for her affordable and on-the-budget "looks-pirations". She caters to the working female professionals who's in the hunt for thrifty fashionable finds from department stores to boutiques and from the tiangge to ukay-ukay stores. We all know that 80% of the independent style bloggers are inspired from scourging high-end & fashion designer brands that you can find available in an ukay-ukay store. The endless possibilities of finding a piece of Alexander Wang, Vivienne Westwood, H&M and even a legit clutch bag from Hermes for less is never rare when it come to ukay-ukays.

That is why an ukay-ukay store are considered a treasure trove for shopaholics who's in for an adventure!

FACT: Ukay-ukay is a local term in the Philippines. Back in the US, the term is coined as hand-me-downs/thrift shops and one of the biggest fashion thrift shop haven, Goodwill.

Check out what Kate the Tianggeholic for our style collab last November 8th & see for yourself at!

As for my take on the collab, ya'll know that I'm all about that bass (LOLJK) ya'll know that I'm all about RTW and fast-fashion brands. I'm no hipster, yes? But I'm still avoiding on buying something from H&M so I stick with the old brands that gets less hype from nowadays. So without any further adieu, here's a look from Forever21 Men that you can easily steal for a budget of P3,500php (less the boots since those are from Sears & also the hat's from Terranova XD)

I promise that on my next post that I will only be wearing one brand since that's my main objective for this style collaboration with Kate the Tianggeholic is for! See you around!

Photography by Kate the Tiangeholic + Jaroventures

Illuminati freak & the spolarium

Yesterday, me & my bestfriend went out for a quick trip to the National Museum of the Philippines. I was going to spend my whole day editing but since I am running out of inspiration, I have decided to come along for the sake of art. And luckily there are a few paintings which inspired me so I'm going to keep that in my sleeves as for now and let's see how well I'll be able to execute it int he near future!

Without further adieu, here's a very short walkumentary that I have made inside National Museum of the Philippines.

Disclaimer: I do not claim any rights nor asked any permission recording the footage inside the museum. This video is not sponsored.


Recently did a collaboration/project with my friends at #BCREW which I am now a part off! I'm very excited to announce & promote FOB & #BCREW's lovechild - Overdose featuring the members of A.Mi.Go+!

A.Mi.Go+ is a filipino dance group who performs kpop covers on KCons here in the Philippines. They'll be needing your votes in this competition for 2014 K-POP Cover Dance Festival so please do register an account (it will only take you a minute or two! :D) & hit the LIKE button and also be sure to share 'em to your friends! They're one of the few kpop cover dance group representing my country so show 'em some love, okaaaay? :D

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