Comfort by the bay

Looking for an escape this holiday but does not want to get out of your comfort zone, that is the city? One of the many places where you can spend your #staycation is SOFITEL Manila. Recently did a photoshoot at SOFITEL Manila & I find the resort area relaxing, although that day it was filled with EXPATs, tourists and all kinds of people from different strokes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a landscape or a shot of the whole vicinity - I'm afraid that is not allowed(??). This blog post is not sponsored, by all means I can rave about the place personally and be honest about my review.

I've been to the area for breakfast with my family before it was SOFITEL Manila, I can barely remember what it was called but with its new look, it's definitely refreshing and brimming with life with its new overhaul! Or maybe I went to when they're about to close down for renovation but I sure do enjoyed their banquet!

Running from places to places for work is surely stressful, as a fashion photographer I still want to look trendy yet comfortable during work. So I decided to wear something utilitarian like an oversized coat with lots of pocket.

Having so much pocket is handy, an alternative for carrying stuff with you. If you're only carrying batteries and all those important little thingamabobs you'll need for the day.

Snapbacks are one of my essentials especially if it's too windy. You won't bother fixing your hair every friggin second.

You can never go wrong with a hoodie & a cap to go with. #ghetto

It was kind of hot that day but I layered like a pro. I used clothes that aren't overly thick. You can still layer and not sweat, you just have to pick the type of fabrics you're wearing. As for that day, avoid wool as much as you can!

It's been raining lately & it's getting colder - can't wait to layer up for these coming weeks!

Multimedia Arts Festival: REFRAMED

Anyone been to this year's Multimedia Arts Festival? I took #TeamArtisano and give 'em a look of how Benildeans do ART. It seems like I've been religiously visiting MMA Festival every year to look for aspiring artists whom I could collaborate with when it comes to set designs - this year there were more art installations than the previous one that was held in Mall of Asia. This year's special edition is titled, REFRAMED. AS usual there were numerous (around 200 exhibitors) students who showcased their talents, skills they have acquired from countless nights of studying. I personally think it was great but the last theme was very much my taste when it comes to art! My eyes we're so enticed from seeing so much quirky and colorful art as for this year's special edition - it revolves more on oneself, vanity, faces, and there were tons and tons of faces with different expressions.

Multimedia Arts Festival Special Edition: REFRAMED was held in 3 days at Green Sun. It houses SOMA Stores and a huge events place. #TeamArtisano took a visit on their last day, surprisingly it was also the same day that the band Up Dharma Down played a few sets. I think it the MMA students invited the band to play since I read something like "MMA X Up Dharma Down" on one of their visual displays during their encore. Pretty sure their budget went on the bands talent fee since personally, I was not visually satisfied with what I saw. I love some of the exhibits but not all. From countless booths, only 2 to 3 booths got my attention. I'm not saying that i didn't liked it, I'm actually looking forward on seeing more of it next year & I am eager to find out what the next theme going to be like.

You'd see a lot of black and white at MMAF REFRAMED. This is a few of my favorites. It's so simple and minimalistic.
I'm not sure what this is about but the mold kind of creeps me out.
If you look at this from afar and in a straight perspective - you'd see Mickey Mouse! <3
One of my favorite exhibit but it's kind of lacking of an explanation. It's a room and in every panels there are different placement of mirror shards in an organized chaos.
And ofcourse the vain cannot miss an opportunity to selfie/gram when there's an artsy piece of something that REFLECTS oneself.
And that brings us to the ugly truth of vanity.
and how the society now sees beauty as a pile of garbage. (LOLJK)
By now you guys have been thinking the same thing. FACES. I've seen so much faces in one place! 

There's one thing that I love about MMAF, the way they plan about their concepts, two of the concepts are very much apart from each other! I love how it is not very cohesive and how it does not leave any elements from their last theme. It is very refreshing and it skips from black to white. It's a play of mood swings.

I only took photos of art installations that tickles my fancy. There's one that I've missed but a photo couldn't do any justice to it. It's a coffin wherein you have to lie inside, pitch black and just stare at visuals for 3-minutes. It might sound cheeky but I love dark places & I love being in an enclosed space by myself.

I LOVE THIS SHOT! It looks like a sun being surrounded by extraterrestrial space crafts.

In conclusion, I guess I am very pleased with MMAF: Reframed. It was just that I am surprised that it wasn't something that I have expected. Art has to be appreciated in a lot of ways - you have to learn how to love what you hate as these are but the outward symbols of the poison that lies within them.

For your everyday grind

And you guys thought our sportswear/streetwear inspired look is over - no it is not. As I have mentioned in my last post, this kind of look is actually what I have been sporting on lately (pun intended) as a personal look.

I've already gone over on where the fashion originated so now I'm gonna talk more about brands and where to score this look for an affordable price. Most of the stores that sells these kind of style includes the fast-fashion market and mostly the big names like Forever21, Topshop, Bershka, H&M and ZARA. If you're on a budget but still wants to be hip & trendy, I would go for H&M and Forever21. And if you have a cash on the stash then splurge away in ZARA, Aldo, and Topman - they're quite expensive but yet the clothes and materials aren't poorly made and in good quality! SM Department stores are also affordable but I do not really recommend you that, not because of the quality you are paying for but you do not want to be caught wearing the same shirt with someone else since the majority of the people gets their clothes on a department stores. As for me, I prefer the ones that are expensive & just patiently wait for the item to go on sale so I could afford it! The price may be steep but I'm paying for comfort & and investment.

And now on with the photos!

I decided to sport something close to looking like a skateboarder. The brand, Team Manila, actually caters to urban/street sports enthusiasts like skateboarders, longboarders, pennyboards and all sorts of boards like black boards...(loljk) No offence, but I tried skateboarding myself & I failed on my first try - it's not easy doing an ollie and making a grind on the rail. Call me a poser but I respect Thrashers & their growing community of urban athletes. Besides, I played Tony Hawk and Jet Set Radio - I can so skate better in-game than IRL.

The shirt that I'm wearing is from Team Manila. I seldom wear shirts alone & you won't see me without the collar. Collars has now been my "signature look", I guess.

Snapback cap is from Forever21. Cargo pants from Terranova.

Team Manila is also a graphic design store, so place that on your go-to's if you're looking for statement tees or something GNARLY yet laid-back and comfortable. They also house a wide range of clothing brands (that you never know of 'cos we so hipster like that) like Daily Grind Clothing, Ang Pambansang Tshirt, RE/PUBLIC, and 365. Apart from clothes, they also sell skateboards and accessories & surprisingly, Lomography cameras!

I couldn't comply with my rule of just wearing a coordinate that I bought from ONE brand, I'm currently saving up for a Playstation 4 for my birthday and I have to lessen up my shopping spree because of that - but believe me, I just couldn't ignore SALE items every pay day. :(

I know you guys are wondering what Kate wore for our collabo so I'll leave you guys with a photo & do check it out what she has to tell about her look!

Check out her website - Kate the Tianggeholic for more details about what she's wearing! :)

The 8th floor's INFRARED

Today is my boyfriend's exhibit at CSB-SDA. I'd love to invite & show you off on what we have been working on for nights!

I love how he priced his designs, they're very affordable and the tag speaks for itself - it's worth it & just right! Kevii wanted to produce something wearable that he can sell for the retail market. That is why instead of making something really over-the-top, I advised him to take inspiration from something that already exists in the market that can be improved. I am in love with his collection, ever since the first time we met when he told me about that he's working on a new concept.

Yassssss *clings* <3

My bestfriend Jaro also came to stop by to check out what 'The 8th Floor' has in store! We loved some of their designs as well especially that most of 'em are in trend. We saw a lot of whites & plaids and that's a good thing since by the 2015, most brands will be selling more whites, plaids and flannel.  

Have you guys seen the fashion report from Milan this year? Go check it out! That's one of my secret to keeping my wardrobe updated - I also have my share of mainstream fashion sometimes.

Kevii's collection is named INFRARED, it is inspired from lumberjacks & one of the main elements are plaids and different pantone that you can see in the woods. And suddenly I have in mind of a good soundtrack for INFRARED - It should be "Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift! Ha! 

I love how he choose to name his collection INFRARED whilst there's not much reds. I was actually expecting something really predictable but ironically, he pulled it off really well & I love that!

Carnaby Street is another exhibitor where he's grouped with but he decided to make something of his own as well.
The students also prepared some noms to cater for their guests! I never had one of these cinammon rolls though, it looks scrumptious but I gotta feed my mind first with some fashion & art.
They also accepted merchants to consign along with the exhibitors! These metallic temporary tats are so in style right now! I've been seeing it a lot as freebies if you order something from Style Quench's online store! 

And we're back to my boyfriend's collection. This a blazer he made for Project Runway Benilde which got him to 2nd place! I personally thought this was just okay until he told me it was made out of neoprene! <3 I don't see neoprene being used for blazers that much so this is fab!
His logo reminds me of that deer hunter game on PS2. XD He set that idea apart since he placed flowers on the Elk's horn, which I think is different! I've seen deers and elks being used a lot on advertising - especially when you're being surrounded by artsy people and hipsters.
Here's one of his piece that is selling so much right now! You guys should really buy this and WEAR IT WITH GLORY! I thought of that XD SO BUY IT! The price is less than P1000 - and it's really affordable! They are made to order to fit your measurements. :)
I'm at awe that he used our baby daughter Fran. Eventually it went well with his collection since rabbits are also wood/forest animals (and unfortunately, hunted).
I love the appliques The VYN used for her designs! IT's very feminine and romantic, perfect for a bride or something you'd wear for a gala.
And here's some more appliqués that the The VYN group for their collection. <3
One of my favorites are SYNCT, fromw hat I know based on their moodboard, their piece is inspired from aquanauts and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT but they're too expensive for me and it is something that I cannot wear everyday.
Just outside the exhibitors area is a space reserved for bridal wear. These collections were made by the lower batch.
Here's the designer at work, taking client measurements for their orders! Woot!
'The 8th Floor'
The exhibit could've been better if they held it in a place aside from SDA but it's the content that matters. What's a venue for if there's nothing interesting to see, right? I'm surely looking forward to their next exhibit and also for their fashion show for next year when they graduate! It would be an opportunity for me as a fashion photographer and stylist to pull-out! :D

Do look forward for Kevii's online atelier soon! that's one of the many projects we're currently working on for the coming of 2015! I have so many projects this coming 2015 it's so overwhelming! :O

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